Merging in-between Web and Mobile

Journey to becoming a SE tracing interest over Robotics to Software Development

The article is in direct reference to the Github Repo giving insights of the languages and tools learned yearn by year.

Now, I got my hand on a Pentium IV, 125MB RAM beauty, which supposedly was a beast at that time. Now comes the interesting part. CPU fried, I cried. I opened up the chassis and went through the components, not knowing what I was doing. Plugged out everything and put it back, and as always, it didn’t work. So, what to do? The thing every Nepali does to his tech, beat the shit out of it and it worked.

Let’s jump to a more enthralling part. Grade 11 HTML, the journey to being a Web-Developer. The time came to finish up the final project and I want to be the very best, like no one ever was so went up on the internet and I got en-lighted by Eli The computer Guy and Jake Wright. My stupidity led me to killing my OS and then got into Ubuntu and Linux along with soft “hakerman” tools introduction, but lets leave that for next time.


Grade 12 wasn’t fun for me though. I got into some Robotics Competition and of-course we lost by a long margin, thus making me loose my interest on electronics and upgrading to a more surreal software side of things. Still, during those days, Photo shop and Illustrator were on a rise, and me not a pretty lady, straight away went into it following Blue Lightning TV , Phlearn & TastyTuts making pathway to giving out initial design ideas for a wire-frame and 1st phase content writing.

Blue Lightning TV

My Folks said engineering, I said Software, so joined the path to fetch Computer Engineering Degree and during those vacations, I got my game up on JavaScript and CSS as I took a job I had no clue how to deal. To up my game, I upgraded my internet plan and instead of downloading movies and selling them in pirated CDs, I started getting paid coursed from online resources. Little did I have knowledge that the courses were thought my punk-ass instructor and made my best decision to get into 1 Hour JS & courses:

Intro to JS

Furthermore, my hunger didn’t stop as my ship had sailed to design way back and went into Creating a Responsive Web Design

Creating a Responsive Web Design

With a plan to taking a stairway to PHP, I got into it with Dynamic Website Design — PHP, SQL and JS but realized PHP and Backend was not my cup of Coffee and broke up with her immediately and got into Bootstrap UI Development

Bootstrap UI Development for Everyone

By now, I am in 1st semester and got into Word-press as UI builder and fast working with best result is what everyone want, right? And getting theme game up to word-press, why not? So did Building WordPress Themes With Bootstrap

WP theme with BS

Getting into communities and networking is a big part and the way to go though learning-teaching curve, thus go into different workshops and sessions, a my brain wanting to take a break from web, got into python and went through:

Python Programming Tutorial : Learn Online | Mongo-db | Django

Also, with the talk of town Machine Learning and Deep Learning, I too got into with some Data Science ideas from up University Courses into it:

Andrew’s ML

Data Science and ML with Python

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence Micro Masters

AI MIcro Masters

As Javascript has been the love of my life, I have always tried to be on par level with her and as she upgraded, I upgraded with her:


A new chapter unfolds. I tried Java but we have had a cold war and I had got the taste of React and was intrigued by the aspects shown by native applications. I had tried my had with Ionic2 & Multiplatform Mobile App Development with NativeScript but it either lacked packages required or required a hell lot of run-time. Thus, I went to react-native side, currently under beta but still showing lot of improvements and the cross platform approach for someone who has no concept of Swift, it was a gem in disguise.

So, I followed the original documentation (which has been a lot better and upgraded a week ago from this post) and some courses available:

RN Basics: Currency Converter
Build a Twitter Clone — GraphQL and RN

For Frameworks under React-Native there are many like nativebase and infinite-red, but I have always worked under my own build for work efficiency. Still, withe the prospects of Expo and it’s snack along with Shoutem’s @shoutem-ui, working under just a browser with drag down approach has been a new journey and aspect.

Expo Snack

Still, with a feeling that a beginner who just wants to follow code reuse approach and with a simple layout and understanding of JS should be able to work on JS, I have setup a YouTube sessions to get people starting to see the vast areas native apps covers.

How to React-Native: Beginner tutorial

There were certain shifts over the hybrid development with introduction of Flutter, which got everyones attention by not only being responsive and good performance, the size of app got drastically low. Hence, dived into the Dart ecosystem and well the Widget scheme over Dart is damn easy too. Recommend everyone to try it with the Academind Tutorial

Learn Flutter and Dart

Now, my current background as not sufficient in the full-stack market, thus, I had to induce with everyone’s favourite blue whale, Docker and now my current stack as been Node and React as my front-end, Django as my backend and Django Models or Postgres or MongoDB as my Database, with PASS container over Docker Containers deployed to AWS or Digital Ocean. Didn’t rely much on the Video Tutorials but just some online articles by Exploring Docker is good.

It’s not just about marking a product, you’ve got to sell it to the right audience, thus SEO optimization and digital marketing was the next steps to follow majorly over Social Media and Search Engine with Analytics to reach out to more reoccurring audience and Neil Patel’s videos provided the background.

The journey of me getting to here has been pretty cool & this is just the beginning *cliche*. Any questions? Go ahead and ping me at:



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